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Emcee Live! is committed to training and consulting working and/or aspiring live event hosts aka emcees.  Trevor is an award winning, working emcee with nineteen years of professional experience.  In those nineteen years he’s worked for the biggest brands (Verizon, Budweiser, Acura, Honda, Ford, PlayStation, SONY) at the biggest events (Super Bowls, Indianapolis 500s, Daytona 500s, NCAA Football National Championships, Music Festivals).  Trevor prides himself on being a chameleon and having the ability to work any type of event from Daytona Bike Weeks to Cheer competitions, from awards shows to gaming competitions, from weddings to corporate sales events.  If you want to learn from someone who hasn’t had to interview for a job in over a decade because word of mouth speaks for itself, then reach out to us today.

Consultations: (In Person, Audio or Video available)

30 Minutes: $40

1 Hour: $80

Online Class: $50 – COMING SOON!   

To set up a consultation email me at trevoranthonypitzel@gmail.com & put Emcee Live! Consult in the subject line.                                                                            

***Check out my Podcast “Almost a Rockstar Life” now available on iTunes!***

My Story:

In the year 2000, I had just graduated from the Harvard of Arizona, Northern Arizona University.  I moved to Chicago to begin my acting career and got a job as a server as all good actors do.  I was desperate to move out of my parents place, even though my parents are AWESOME, but still, I was 22 and wanted to live downtown.  So, while looking for a second job I saw a post in the Chicago paper “The Reader” (which I highly doubt even exists anymore) that asked if you were a fan of the MTV show “Road Rules”?  I was a huge fan so I answered the ad.  The ad was not for a TV show at all but it was for a promotional tour and before I knew it I was hired to be the Emcee for the Shoe Carnival Shoe Thousand Tour!  I had plenty of public speaking experience but I had no idea what an Emcee was, but hell, you fake it until you make it.  On my first day, the clients were staring at me, the crowd was cheering and it was my time to rock the mic.  Without any training, my boss handed me the mic and said, “Entertain these people.”  The pure definition of trial by fire.  Well, apparently I entertained those people and have become pretty good at entertaining people… been making a great living doing it for nineteen years now.  Why do I tell you all this?  Because if you want to become an Emcee and get paid to travel, see the world, experience the best events and live in the spotlight, then I want to help you become great at entertaining people so when your boss hands you the mic and says, “entertain these people,” you’ll be ready to crush it!