Movie Madness!!!

This photo summarizes the incredible run our comedy “Why the Chicken Crossed the Road” had at the Nashville Film Festival.  And of course, we seemed to have a pretty awesome time as well.  Off the red carpet and in the theater our Chicken film received incredible feedback!  Massive congrats again to John Hamlin who created this hilarious film that delves into the age old story, why the chicken actually crossed the road!  After a week and a half of movie watching, smoozing and boozing, I’m happy to hang up the lanyard for a year… well, of course I’ll put a new one on when “WTCCTR” gets into more Film Festivals!

Pictured:  Xaviery Caldwell (PA), Elisabeth Donaldson (Actor), Carla Christina Contreras (Actor), Robin Daugherty (Voice of Chicken), Robb Way (PA/AC), Jill Courtney (Awesome) and myself.

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