What Up Freaks?

What Up Freaks?

It’s back baby!!!  You’re thinking to yourself, “What’s back?”  What up Freaks is back!  Now you’re thinking, “What the F is that?”  Well, for myself and those who have been with me for the past 8-9 years, you know that “What Up Freaks?” was always my opening line during my “A Guy’s Guy” vlog days!  It was something I never meant to be “my thing” but it seemed to catch on, so I did what any somewhat intelligent person would do… I kept it.  And honestly, I’ve missed it.  It’s an opening phrase that definite captures me and my brand.  (The dreaded brand word) One of my biggest mentors used to say it when he rocked the mic so it was an ode to him, Mr. Rick “Mill Dog” Miller.  I began using it in Marki Costello’s Advanced On Camera Hosting Class (If you’re an aspiring Host or a professional Host, make sure to check out BecomeAHost.com)  and it stuck, so I used it for “A Guy’s Guy”… and now I’m going to bring it back and use it for my Blog!

I know this blog post is arguably one of the most meaningless posts ever but I got excited and wanted to share 🙂 

Where was I?  Oh yeah, I hadn’t even thought of “A Guy’s Guy” in years but when a buddy on my softball team told me he watched one and then binge watched all of them, I one, thought that was hilarious, two, ridiculous, but then, went back and caught up on a couple myself.  Hell, I had my own show opening and everything… but sadly, it never really caught on.  I had a couple die hards, and I appreciate ya’ll.  Still drives me crazy it never caught on because I put a lot of love into those puppies and now I see idiots making thousands of dollars opening boxes, putting on make up, playing video games, etc.  Youtube, the truly unknown Universe.  Anyway, back from my pity parade.   To make a long blog post short, If I decide to create a new Vlog (God I hate the words Blog & Vlog!) I’ll open with WHAT UP FREAKS?!

If you feel like checking out “A Guy’s Guy”, here’s a good one to get you started!


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